Friday, September 16, 2016

Better Living thru Chemicals?

Better Living thru chemicals?
My 80 something year old mom thinks that all issues can be solved with a pill.  Got a problem, visit a Doctor and get a new prescription.  There is generally not one magic pill to fix all that ails you.  Some medication options are experimental, some are happy side effects from other diagnosis, and some are… well, not legal in all states.

Me, I believe in a multi-faceted approach to problem solving. Therapy, medication, and environmental changes and activities are all part of the process.  However, sometimes after years of trial and error, a new direction and medication is recommended. 

Six weeks ago we embarked on just that path. Being the eternal optimist, I am always open to hear about new and exciting treatment options and consider the possibility of what changes they could bring.  As I have done with all the prior recommendations, I opened my laptop and read many good and bad reviews, possible side effect and potential benefits. I must admit that this approach can be scary, as people who have had bad experiences are often the first to share or complain. After getting overwhelmed by the information, a leap of faith is often in order. So out of equal parts desperation and hope, we tried it.

I am, at this moment, ecstatic with the almost miraculous changes ½ of a teeny tiny pill can create. My son’s ability to stay calm in situations of frustration has been dramatic. His interest in his own success is exciting. His engagement in the world around him, and needs of others has altered significantly.  

Modern medicine continues to find solutions that the natural human body struggles to do itself. I continue in my hopeful belief that there is always the ability to improve oneself.

We are all a work in progress, and my job as mom continues to be helping my son be the best he can be!

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