Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Holiday Survival

The holiday are the most wonderful time of the year ...right. Except if your darling son or daughter is on the spectrum, then the sights, smells and sounds create anxieties within a person who likes things just the way they know them. To this point I remind you all about the amazing tool of cuing.

“Cuing is the act of front-loading the child with information we assume they know, but have really no clue about. So cuing prior to a social engagement is an exceptional tool. Our pattern (when visiting my my parents) is that on the hour long drive to the grandparents home we chat. We talk about things like who else is going to be at the house, what we will be doing, what we will be eating and how long until we eat. These are important pieces of information to front load.”
Excerpt from Embrace Unique, the power of hope, humor and love on the spectrum

With all the extra things that are happening, remembering  to load the presents, have the family dressed correctly, making sure the dessert is cooked and plated, we often forget to take care of the emotions. Managing the emotional health of your family should be an item on your holiday to do list. If we do not talk the time to explain (possibly more than once) what the day will look like, I would bet there will be drama. It’s a family gathering so I can guarantee there will be drama, but let it come from your sisters family not yours.

Survival Guide:
*Take time to review the day with your whole family; information is power
*Pack a bag of yummy treats you know your child will enjoy; no fun if you can't eat anything
*Make time for a quiet nap or walk, away form the activities of the day or weekend; break time is healthy
*Be mindful that your stress is the guide for how they should act; try to enjoy the special time of Holidays together!

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